How to Promote Your Portrait Photography Business: 3 Ways to Consider

You want to promote your own portrait photography business but you don’t know how? Don’t worry! Here are 3 effective ways for you to consider!

We all know that this is usually a slower time of the year for portrait photographers! It is a time when you need to get organized and plan ahead for the next busy season. Use the free time to come up with new ideas on how to attract new potential customers, how to market your photography business, how to improve your brand, and etc. An effective way to market your business or brand to new potential customers is to engage in various activities that include you meeting them in person.

In this article, we are going to present you 3 ways on how to promote your portrait photography business:

  1. Plan a Limited Edition Session Event For efficient use of your time, these sessions should be organized and scheduled over a day or two, with clients booking and paying for the service in advance. Our advice is to keep the session short – around 10 minutes. This is a great opportunity for those interested clients who have been planning to book your services and meet you in person. By meeting your clients, you will have an opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for them and you will be able to gain contact information you can use in the future.
  2. Deliver a Presentation Speaking in front of your potential clients will help you to achieve their trust and will improve your status as a professional and expert in your photography field. By doing something nice for your clients, you will invoke a psychological and emotional urge in them to return something back. They will feel like they owe you.
  3. Volunteer to Photograph an Event We know that you are not an event photographer, but volunteering to photograph a popular event is a great way to get your face and your brand in front of people. This type of marketing is especially effective if you are just starting your own photography business or you have moved to a new area and you are looking for a way to attract new potential clients.

These 3 methods will help you market your photography business in the best way possible! Are you prepared to run a successful photography business?

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