• Have you ever considered a photography marketing? Read this article and discover how you can improve the use of photography on your website!

    There are many new ways you can use to design principles, JavaScript and CSS to transform the use of photography on your website. Even though some of what is possible is commanded by the browsers, there is one thing for sure and that is that the days of boring and static images are gone.

    The era of photography marketing is coming and we could not be happier about it. The value of spending a time to edit photos so they can match the design and the tone of your website is super important and yet sometimes is underestimated. If some photos have been taken at different times of the day or if they come from different sources or cameras, slight adjustments and improvements to contrast, brightness, and cropping can go a long way in perfecting them. Using CSS3 effects or photo editor can be an excellent way to spruce photos up.

  • Remember, having the perfect photos on your website is a great photography marketing. You will attract your visitors’ attention, you will be taken as a serious entrepreneur who carries about the quality and the value of its business, and more importantly, your potential clients will be able to see better photos of the products or services you are selling. Improving the photography on your business website can definitely improve your business in general and help you acquire more sales and attract nee potential customers.

    In this article, we are going to present you 3 techniques you can use to improve the use of photography on your website.

  • Here are 3 websites that use these techniques:

    • Double Eight – If you open the website of the popular Italian clothing brand Double Eight you will see that they don’t overuse the grid structures and allow the type to overlay the photos. This is quite interesting as it will immediately attract your attention as a visitor and you will notice that they are different than the others. The photos are consistent in their contrast and composition which is another great tip you can take into consideration and use is for your own website.
    • StartupLab – A pretty interesting and creative design! StartupLab utilizes experimental CSS in order to mask imagery over think sans-serif and large lettering. Open their website and see how it looks on your screen. Interesting, right? When it comes to photography, you have to be as creative as possible. If you want to show the world that you are original and that you can offer something different, the best way to do prove it is through the photos on your website.
    • Gabriel Ribes – Just click on the Gabriel Ribes website and check his humorous portfolio. The website uses JavaScript and smooth CSS transitions to load content but only when it is required. The delicate fade-in animations are an interesting idea as well. We can say that humor is at the heart of this creative website.
  • There are no limits when it comes to designing a website. Every website owner should have its own style and be recognizable for it. If you copy others you won’t succeed, as people won’t treat you as an original. So, use photography right, improve the photos on your website, and add something unique that visitors will remember you for.

    There are fantastic ideas you can use! Explore online, use your creativity and imagination and make a change! If you need great pictures for your website and are on a low budget, you can checkout  Shopify's free stock photos for entrepreneurs and get the best content for your site. You will enjoy your end results!


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